Thursday, 1 October 2020

Pale Lemon Sallow?

I almost overlooked this on the lid of the trap and initially thought it Dusky Lemon Sallow but I think it may have the characteristics of Pale Lemon Sallow?

A bit more variety creeping in here in Longwick with Green Brindled Crescent, Barred Sallow and the return of Brimstone, Vapourer, Dark Spectacle, Cypress Pug and canary shouldered thorn.

Having had 3 Clifden Nonpareil last year I thought I was going to miss out this year but luckily whilst recording bats in the garden I saw one flying around the trap area - although it had gone by the next morning.


  1. Hi Andrew,
    I'd have no hesitation in saying that's Pale-lemon Sallow - well done! Fifth record for Bucks and the second in 48 years, always assuming mine from the 28th does turn out to be that species too. I've often wondered why we don't seem to get it around here where poplars are so plentiful.

  2. Thank you for confirming Dave. I had actually released this moth but thought twice about it and went back to where I had released it - thankfully it was still where I had left it! Lots of Poplar shade trees here so here is hoping it is colonising.

  3. I had another Clifden Nonpareil last night and, like you, there was no sign of it in the trap this morning. I did find a set of wings on the lawn though :(


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