Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Burial Park...

This tortrix was resting on a Teasel leaf at the Burial Park this morning; I have now looked at enough pictures so if anyone can tell me what it is from the photo, that'd save my eyes!


Also, I,m thinking this caterpillar at the same site is Angle Shades, but would appreciate a confirmation!

Dave Morris


  1. Hi Dave, the tortix is an Endothenia, possibly gentianaeana but I'd be cautious about going to species without knowing the size (one for Peter, really!). To me the caterpillar looks more like one of the Copper Underwings.

  2. Thanx Dave

    I agree with Copper Underwing!

    The micro was at the larger end of the size range for the Endothenia sp; should have guessed at one of those being on teasel! It's probably moved on now, as it was left in situ, but I'll keep an eye out for more. I do have a pupae of one of these species at home, which I'll retain if it hatches.


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