Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Not just my garden seeing little action

I trapped at Warburg NR on Sunday evening with 2 MV traps and 2 Actinic traps, hoping to finally see a good number of moths, especially with a mild overcast night on the cards. The weather at least lived up to its expectations for once and even spared me the light rain it was supposed to bring, so optimism was high. There was a fair list (38 species + an Elachista awaiting identification) considering my recent ventures, but most were singletons and generally speaking it was very poor (total of 86 moths). There was a handful of Cockchafers in addition to the moths which included a few fresh Green Carpets, a pair of Lobster Moths and 5 Marbled Browns, all new for the year for me. Other species that were new for the year for me included: Scalloped Hazel, Maiden's Blush, White-pinion Spotted, Dwarf Pug, Pebble Hook-tip, Orange Footman, Coxcomb Prominent, Iron Prominent, Pyrausta aurata, Syndemis musculana, Acleris literana and Grapholita jungiella. Marc Botham, Didcot

Marbled Brown - a particularly pale individual 03/05/2015

Dwarf Pug 03/05/2015

Selection of prominents 03/05/2015

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