Friday, 22 May 2015

Best night of the year...

...but that doesn't mean a lot!  Last night's garden trap here at Westcott, Bucks produced 33 moths of 25 species which, species-wise at least, is certainly a vast improvement when compared to the pitiful returns from each session over the previous few weeks:  Tinea trinotella (1), Elachista canapennella (1), Cnephasia sp (1), Aphomia sociella (2), Garden Carpet (1), Broken-barred Carpet (1), Common Pug (2), White-spotted Pug (1), Lesser Treble-bar (1), Small Elephant Hawk-moth (1), Buff-tip (1), White Ermine (1), Buff Ermine (1), Muslin Moth (1), Cinnabar (1), Heart & Dart (1), Shuttle-shaped Dart (1), Flame Shoulder (3), Powdered Quaker (1), Hebrew Character (1), Common Wainscot (1), Coronet (2), Rustic Shoulder-knot (3), Treble Lines (2) & Spectacle (1).
Dave Wilton

Aphomia sociella, Westcott 21st May

Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Westcott 21st May

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