Friday, 22 May 2015


Left a light on a timer at Chiltern Open Air Museum last night. Don't think the clouds came in at any point during the night so the haul wasn't great, but at least a few new for my year list (in bold).

In the trap were Pale Tussock, Red Twin-spotted Carpet, Sandy Carpet, Flame Shoulder, Oak Tree Pug, Orange Footman, Marbled Brown, Iron Prominent, Poplar Hawk-moth and Common Swift (plus a couple of micros that flew off before I spotted them...). And a bunch of Cockchafers.

Netted nearby were Crambus lathoniellus and Ancylis badiana, and a Scorched Carpet was seen.

Also, I found this larval case on Deadly Nightshade, if anyone can suggest an id?

Dave Morris


  1. Hello Dave, it's the case, made of bits of grass, of Psyche casta - a 'Bagworm'. The larvae trundle about in them, eating bits of dead leaves, maybe lichens. I think the adults are due to emerge about now, but the females don't have wings and don't go anywhere to lay their eggs.

  2. Thanx Andy...another species for the site.


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