Sunday, 17 May 2015

First Privet Hawk of year

After seeing Dave Wilton had trapped Light feathered rustic up at Grangelands i thought i'd have a go, so i set my 15 watt actinic there overnight, but with clear skies and temps down to 5c. i wasn't expecting much. As it happened i didn't get the rustic, but i managed 18 moths, which included my first Privet hawk of the year, also a Puss moth which was quite a suprise as i've never trapped one before! Other moths were Coxcomb prominent (1); Nut-tree tussock (3); Treble lines (1); Flame shoulder (1); Waved umber (1); Small waved umber (1); Treble bar (1); Red twin-spot carpet (1); Green carpet (3); Brimstone moth (1); Water carpet (1), and Acleris cristana (1). So much better than expected! Dave Maunder
Privet Hawk, 17-5-2015, Grangelands

Acleris Cristana, 17-5-2015, Grangelands

Small Waved Umber, 17-5-2015, Grangelands

Puss Moth, 17-5-2015, Grangelands

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