Thursday, 14 May 2015

Homefield Wood, Bucks

Another of the places I'm trapping at regularly this year is the Forestry Commission part of Homefield Wood near Marlow.  Well known as a site for the unsociable Plumed Prominent during November, the wood does in fact have a very interesting mix of tree varieties in addition to field maple.  Perhaps the most significant of these is wych elm which means that species such as Blomer's Rivulet (last noted there in 2005) and Clouded Magpie (last noted 2013) will hopefully put in an appearance.  I ran three MV lights there last night and got not a lot for my trouble, although it was nice to find five individuals of the nationally scarce Mocha for the first time this year (a moth I never tire of seeing!).  Others amongst the 40-odd species caught were Maiden's Blush, Scorched Wing, Broken-barred Carpet, Ochreous Pug, Mottled Pug, Dwarf Pug, Pale Oak Beauty & Coronet.  It did get a bit chilly but, even so, noticeable by their absence were the micros, the only species trapped being Nematopogon swammerdamella, Esperia sulphurella, Syndemis musculana & Evergestis forficalis.

Mocha, Homefield Wood 13th May

Coronet, Homefield Wood 13th May

Going back to Grangelands on 11th May, an unidentified tortrix potted up for subsequent checking has proved to be a little more interesting than I thought.  It appears to be Falseuncaria ruficiliana which I've not seen before.  It is known from two or three sites in the Chilterns although has not previously been recorded at Grangelands, so will be subject to microscopic examination at a later date.

Possible Falseuncaria ruficiliana, Grangelands 11th May

Dave Wilton, Westcott, Bucks


  1. Hundreds of ruficiliana flying by day at Bradenham.

  2. Bradenham does lay claim to two of the five Bucks records but both are singleton moths. It would seem that you've got some information which needs passing on, Ched...!


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