Saturday, 9 May 2015

Light Feathered Rustic re-appears at last

My Radnage garden MV trap produced a Light Feathered Rustic last night. I'm not sure how the Chiltern trappers have been doing with this species in recent years but it was my first since 2001. I had 1 in 1991, 1 in 1995, 1 in 1997, 3 in 2000, and 1 in 2001.
The rest included 2 type Peppereds, 1 Chinese Character, 2 Flame Shoulder, 1 type Waved Umber, 1 Spectacle, 1 Oak-tree Pug, 3 Hebrew Character, 3 Brindled Beauty and 1 Shuttle-shaped Dart.
Ched George.


  1. It's doing well around Ivinghoe

  2. I'm sure it is to be found on chalk grassland all along the Chiltern scarp slope between Bedfordshire and Berkshire, Ched. As Peter says, it is thriving on the hills around Ivinghoe. Your garden may well be supplied from either Yoesden Bank (I assume you trap there regularly - if not, why not?!!) or Aston Rowant. Martin Townsend trapped near Whitchurch, Oxon by the "Goring Gap" in May last year and it was numerous there.


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