Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lime Hawk fun

I have had a number of Lime Hawk moths of the brown f. brunnea form hatch over the last couple of days - these were from pupae sent to me by a mothing contact in Germany, and quite amazing colours they are! Last night i put the cage outside on the patio with two virgin females inside, and within 15 minutes i had a wild green form male appear, which i let into the cage and they proceeded to mate for about 21 hours! I also had two brown forms mate, so i'm expecting plenty of eggs from both pairs tonight. If anyone would like some eggs i can send them on. Dave Maunder
Lime Hawks, f. brunnea paired with typical green male, 14-5-2015

Lime Hawks, f. brunnea - 4 male, 1 female, 13-5-2015

Lime Hawks paired in cage, 14-5-2015


  1. Hi Dave,

    Since I don't seem to be catching any hawkmoths and its been a few years since I last kept Lime HM then I would be interested in a few eggs/larvae please, if you have any to spare. Especially from the mixed pairing :). BW, Marc

  2. Hi, Mark - if you send me your address i can post you a few eggs - my email is


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