Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mother and Father Shipton!

I was checking our local field beside Coldharbour Way on the western edge of Aylesbury today, hoping the Marsh Pug would be on the wing, but no luck as yet. Instead I was lucky enough to find a mating pair of Mother Shipton moths in the grass - something I've not come across before even though I see plenty of single moths here. Other species seen here were Burnet Companion (1), Small Yellow Underwing (2), Silver-ground Carpet (1), Elachista argentella (2), and Drinker moth larvae (2).   Dave Maunder
Mother Shipton, 28-5-2015


  1. Nice one! Hope you do manage to see Marsh Pug there again - not an easy moth to find especially as it is most often seen in the daytime (lots of day flying moths are under-recorded).

  2. The 2 years we've seen this moth at the site, it has been mid June, so maybe a bit early yet. I presume Mister Wilton, you will look on Bernwood Meadows to see if you can find it again there?

    1. Indeed, and at Asham Meads where I found it last year.


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