Friday, 8 May 2015

Slow Going in Central Oxford

It's been very slow going here in central Oxford. In fact I'd even stopped bothering to put the trap out during the rain and high winds. Last night was a bit better than of late with my first Pale Prominent of the year, a Bright-line Brown-eye, a Yellow-barred Brindle and an unknown micro that was large (for a micro) but remarkably featureless so any ID pointers would be most welcome. I've also got a couple of those wretched Pugs from a couple of weeks ago that I'd appreciate confirmation on.

Pale Prominent - a very curious looking beast
Featureless large micro - any ID hints would be most welcome
Brindled or Oak-tree (caught a couple of weeks ago),
I'd probably go for the former given that it looks quite long-winged
Common Pug?

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  1. Hello Adam, your micro is Prays ruficeps which until a year or two ago was confused with the dark form of Prays fraxinella. The yellow-ish head is what differentiates ruficeps from fraxinella (both seem to be quite common locally wherever there are ash trees).


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