Saturday, 9 May 2015

Still very few moths in Aylesbury

Just a sprinkling of moths to my garden trap recently, the only new for year were Waved Umber and Nut-tree Tussock - I don't know why I bother! In the meantime I had a pristine Green Silver-lines moth hatch today, reared from eggs obtained in the Chilterns last June; I also found 9 Scarlet Tiger larvae at Snakemoor near Haddenham recently, so still a little to keep my interest in moths alive!   Dave Maunder
Green Silver Lines, 9-5-2015

Scarlet Tiger larva, 4-5-2015

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  1. Lovely Green Silver-lines, Dave - could do with one in the garden! It is in all the local woods but hasn't visited here yet. Scarce Silver-lines, on the other hand, puts in an appearance just about every year.


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