Friday, 12 June 2015

A few new ones for the year.

I lit up my actinic garden trap for the last couple of nights in Seer Green; first-for-year were Flame Carpet and Rustic Shoulder-knot, plus a bunch of stuff I had already seen elsewhere, but not yet at home; Pale Tussock, Flame Shoulder, Buff Ermine, Garden Pebble, Small Magpie, Grey Pug, Shears  and Peppered Moth.

Also at dusk on my Red Valerian were Silver Y and Treble Bar / Lesser Treble Bar (not sure which, I saw it but didn't capture it).

A light left on a timer at the Chiltern Open Air Museum added a few to the year list; Pseudargyrotoza conwaganaAleimma loeflingianaEphestia unicolorella (formerly parasitella), Setaceous Hebrew Character, Reddish Light Arches, Beautiful Golden Y and Snout were new for my year list.

Reddish Light Arches

Also, can anyone confirm for me if this is Scoparia pyralella or something else? 

Finally, and I know this is an awful pic, but can anyone tell me what this is? It sits like a Caloptilia-type when it's indoors, but as soon as I try to photograph it, it sets off. I think this pic at least shows the wing pattern!

Dave Morris


  1. Your final picture is a Metzneria, Dave. It would need a better picture to be sure, but probably M.metzneriella.

    1. ...and I think you are correct with Scoparia pyralella.

    2. I would think there is enough orange on there to make it M metzneriella. Isn't the 'Clouded-bordered Brindle' a Reddish Light Arches?

  2. I didn't look at the macro - Andy is quite correct, Dave

  3. Yes he is! I had this on my list as Reddish Light Arches (there were three of the things) so I've no idea why I wrote CBB. Corrected now, anyway.
    And thanks for the other things - M metzneriella I agree, since I have the thing to hand, it's useful getting a pointer in the right direction!


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