Tuesday, 23 June 2015

... and a few queries

The last few nights have inevitably thrown up a few puzzles, too, some of them below, others to follow in the next few days. These are all from 21st June; the first looks to me a little like a female Brown Rustic; the second I think is a Poplar Grey; the third yet another pug which is giving me trouble (but may just turn out to be a Common Pug); and a perhaps rather washed-out specimen which has me completely foxed. All help, as ever, gratefully received.

Steve and Xander Goddard

Possible female Brown Rustic, 21/6/15

Presumed Poplar Grey, 21/6/15

Unknown pug, 21/6/15

Unknown, 21/6/15

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  1. I'm wondering if your first one is a Broom and await the thoughts of Chairman Wilton. Number 2 is a Poplar Grey, I'll pass on number 3 but subfusca looks likely and the final one looks to be a Rustic Shoulder-knot.


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