Friday, 5 June 2015

At last, some moths!

I can't match Dave's 50 species, but last night's Garden Moth Scheme trap brought in 21 macro species, not too bad for my garden (Great Kimble) and certainly much better than anything I got in May. The 21 species included one that I've never recorded before: the wonderfully-named Obscure Wainscot. This is a species of reedbeds, and I'm not aware of any suitable habitat for quite some distance, but like some of the other wetland moths it is a species that is known to disperse away from it's usual habitat on warm nights.

I spent ages taking photos to demonstrate why this moth is called the Figure of Eight:

Until I remembered that it was of course a back-to-front Figure of Eighty (always get those two mixed up!):

Three Privet Hawks made a splendid sight after the moth drought of recent weeks:

Martin Harvey

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