Thursday, 25 June 2015

Burial Park

Last night's GMS trap at the Burial Park attracted a few new species for my year list, including Great Oak Beauty and Blotched Emerald.

Also in the grass nowhere near the trap was a Red-necked Footman (not new for the year, but I just like seeing them)

And Cinnabar caterpillars, which were always a childhood favourite of mine on the coast in Wales, where they seem to have declined a fair bit since then.

Finally, a pug. Which pug please? The wingspan was approx 25mm.

Dave Morris


  1. Pop the pug in the next batch of moths for me to chop Dave.

  2. Sorry Peter, the pug is, unlike many of the residents of the site, alive and well in the woodlands. Do you have a thought on what it might have been?


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