Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Confirmation and ID help please

I think it must be the heat but I cannot find this thing anywhere. I assume the second is a small Blood Vein but the colouring is amazing and so different to the book.


  1. Hello Tom, the first moth needs a side-on view to get anywhere with a safe ID but have a look at the little group which includes Striped Lychnis and Mullein, both of which are possibilities where you are. The second is indeed Small Blood-vein and your image seems to me to be a pretty good match to the one in the field guide. Lots of moths vary in the intensity of their markings and it is not always possible for publishers to include pictures covering all of them.

  2. Would be pretty late for Mullein especially as their larvae are about half grown, but it has been a weird year. Striped Lychnis has been caught in Ewelme Cress Beds and in Benson/Crowmarsh Gifford. The larvae are present in the car park at Ewelme Downs a bit later on. Supposedly doesn't come to light much but I reckon wandering males get intercepted fairly regularly as I had them two years running at Lonesome Farm and the trapping we did at Ewelme Cress beds also yielded it two years running.


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