Monday, 29 June 2015

Currant Clearwing

For the fourth or fifth time this month I tried out some pheromone lures in the garden at Westcott, Bucks today and at last had a result with a single Currant Clearwing attracted to the TIP lure at 2.50pm after a 40-minute wait.  Other moths added to the year list from night-time trapping here have included Mompha ochraceella, Acleris kochiella, Epinotia bilunana, Brown-line Bright-eye (all 27th) and Mompha propinquella, Gypsonoma dealbana, Phlyctaenia coronata, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Lilac Beauty, Blackneck (all 28th along with yet another Bordered Straw, just to show that they are still around).

Currant Clearwing, Westcott 29th June
Dave Wilton

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