Saturday, 13 June 2015

Dancersend moth

I photographed this micro in the chalk pits at Dancersend Waterworks yesterday. Hoping it might be Aethes smeathmanniana to contribute towards the 4 species we need to reach 700! It was very flighty and this was the best shot I could get. Didn't manage to catch it, I'm afraid.
Mick Jones


  1. I can see you are missing me Mick. I hate id'ing these from photos, but my money is on Cochylimorpha straminea. Let's see what Mister Wilton thinks when he finally wakes up.

  2. I'm awake, just waiting for someone else to pitch in first because I was thinking along the same lines! A.smeathmanniana normally has more positive markings and these look rather wishy-washy like straminea. Do you like my use of technical terms?

  3. Shame! We seem to be stuck at 696 species! I'll keep trying.
    Thanks both.


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