Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Help needed

I need help with a few micros i trapped last night, the first looks like a Apotomis or Hedya?
Apotomis/Hedya? 8mm
The second maybe a Cnephasia species
Cnephasia? 8mm
the third I've no idea, 
Unknown 7mm
Not the best photos but i hope they can be identified.

Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.


  1. Hello Darren, the first is Hedya pruniana and the second is, as you say, a Cnephasia sp (needs the chop to get to species). The third looks a bit more interesting but would need a better image plus an indication of size.

  2. Thanks for that Dave, i did look at Plum Tortrix but wasn't sure. How do i go about getting the Cnephasia chopped?

  3. First step is to keep the moth safe in a tube in the freezer (it can sit there almost indefinitely). Second step is to find someone who has the knowledge/equipment/time/patience to do the deed, so I suggest you try twisting Peter Hall's arm.

  4. Isn't the third one a Caddis Fly?


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