Monday, 29 June 2015

Help with a couple please.

Hi, the first has a FW15mm and the second did a bunk before I could get anything better than this slightly out of focus shot. I feel I should know the second but my searching sends me over the same ground and none the wiser!.
Many thanks
Steve Lockey- another Garsington 'mother'.


  1. Hi Steve,

    can't see anything to suggest top one isn't Heart and Dart but head on shot would confirm. second one looks like Large Tabby which is very nice, haven't seen one for a couple of years.

    best wishes, Marc

  2. Top one is a good candidate for a Turnip, have you got a head shot Steve?

  3. Sorry Peter, just been out to the box which is still almost as I left it- even the Privet HM which has it's front legs on the top, is still snoozing- but the little beggar in question has regained it's freedom!.


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