Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hornet Moth

I've been examining the bases of black poplars locally for the last couple of weeks and today was the first time that evidence was found of Hornet Moth emergences.  One pupal case was found sticking out of the bark at each of two sites around our village at Westcott, Bucks.  While the exit holes themselves are not really acceptable as records because they could have been made many years ago, if exuviae like these are found in them then they certainly are acceptable.  It is always nice to see the moth itself, of course, but that requires a little bit more effort (or luck!).

  Dave Wilton


  1. They are a little later this year. In Berkshire I started seeing exuvia, both male and female, around ten days ago. But only in small numbers so I think the main emergence is only just starting.

    1. Many thanks indeed for the update, Mark. Down in the Berkshire tropics I imagine you would always get them earlier than me!


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