Sunday, 28 June 2015

ID / Confirmations please

Interesting morning this morning - made all the more interesting by discovering the electrics on the trap had blown so I'm going to have a few days on the side lines. Hopefully I'll catch the heatwave predicted but maybe not.

First up what I think could be Scoparia basistrigalis - based on the size, what seems to be the central cross and the chequered cilia.

The I thinki I have Eudonia mercurella, Cloaked Minor and the one that seems to always catch me out, Mottled Rustic.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Hello Mark, I agree that the top image could well be basistrigalis but my personal preference is still to have the first specimen for any new site checked by genitalia. As others have said, none of the scoparids are easy! However, I think you are correct with mercurella for the second image. The third is just another Marbled/Tawny Marbled Minor (Cloaked will be along eventually but you should be able to recognise it quite easily because it is far less 'dumpy' than the other Minor species). The final image is indeed Mottled Rustic which seems to be having quite a good year.

  2. They are a tricky bunch. I think the first looks most like pyralella and the second like lacustrata.


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