Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Is this a Spruce Carpet?

52 moths in last night's garden trap, only 4 of which were micros. Micros clearly do not like the cold wind.
Moths that were new for the year included Elephant Hawk-moth (1), Willow Beauty (1), Silver-ground Carpet (1), White-point (2), Vine's Rustic (1), Dark Arches (2), Green Pug (1), Chrysoteuchia culmella (1), and finally the moth photographed below which I think is Spruce Carpet (rather than Grey Pine Carpet) but I would appreciate a second opinion.

Steve Trigg, Cookham

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  1. I think it probably is Spruce Carpet, Steve. These two species can cause quite a bit of confusion and if you want to be really safe with the ID then the antennae need to be looked at under a microscope (see


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