Sunday, 28 June 2015

Loosley Row, Bucks

This pyralid was in the trap last night and I'm not sure about its ID, my best guess is Hypochalcia ahenella. Is it too worn to be sure?



  1. It's so nice to get in answers before Mister Wilton, I'm feeling giddy with excitement. I can't see what else it could be Nigel and you are on the chalk and it does seem to be doing very well in recent years.

  2. Sorry - was otherwise occupied with Messers Gordon's and Schweppes on the lawn this afternoon and hadn't looked at the website. Indeed, I can't see what else that can be other than Hypochalcia ahenella. Considering how close you are to good chalk grassland habitat, Nigel, I'm surprised you haven't had it before now!


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