Saturday, 13 June 2015

Migrants at Fernham

An amazing migrant night in Fernham (VC22) last night: 1 Vestal, 4 Small Mottled Willow, 3 Bordered Straw and 1 Ni Moth. Plus 38 Diamond-back (xylostella), 1 Rusty-dot (ferrugalis), 10 Rush Veneer (noctuella) & 80 Silver Y. Also over 100 Straw Dot, 200 Small Square-spot and 50 Clouded Silver, which may be immigrants.


  1. Amazing! Who needs to go to the coast when you can get results like this inland?!

  2. Well Steve that makes me confident I'm not missing any Striped Hawkmoths - if you're not getting them they're probably not here yet :). I had Bordered Straw at Didcot last night along with Diamond-back Moth. The night before at Hitchcopse Pit I had a single Bordered Straw, Small Mottled Willow, Silver Y, several Rush Veneer and several Diamond-back Moth, but nothing like those numbers of any species. Crazy. Still cutting off the blood supply to my finger tips crossing them so hard hoping for a Striped Hawkmoth.

  3. Thanks Dave and Marc.

    I found a nice mowed field nr Fernham, with wide views to the SW, so I'm looking forward to trapping here over the year.

    Funny that Marc as I was thinking surely I'm going to get a Striped Hawk tonight with all these migrants, but no. I did get one the night before in Swanage though.

    I've never witnessed waves of migrants pouring in at an inland site before - an amazing sight.

    That's the last time I do two all nighter's in a row, my body can't cope any more!


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