Sunday, 14 June 2015

Migrants continue

The garden at Westcott, Bucks produced Bordered Straw and Plutella xylostella last night (the Diamond-back, rather surprisingly, being my first of the year here).  There are so many migrants out there now that, even if we get no further southerly winds for a while, good moths could still turn up anywhere locally for the next week or two.  If you haven't had anything yet there's still a good chance that you will, so keep trying!  Bordered Straw and Small Mottled Willow are around in huge numbers and all three counties have seen their fair share of them.  Vestal (seen in VC22 Berks), Striped Hawk-moth (seen in VC24 Bucks) and Ni Moth (seen in VC22 Berks & VC24 Bucks) are less frequent, but Scarce Bordered Straws have started to appear in Cornwall so they could be the next major invasion.

Bordered Straw, Westcott 13th June
Dave Wilton


  1. Hi, Dave - I was lucky enough to join the migrant club last night, with exactly the same as you - one Bordered straw and one Diamond-back! Well pleased with the Bordered straw as it's a first for me, also a female which I'm hoping will lay me a few eggs for rearing tonight.

  2. Hard to believe it's only June Dave! This year may well surpass 2006 as one of the best migrant years on record.


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