Sunday, 21 June 2015

More head scratchers

How nice it is to get something you can identify and a micro to boot! lovely Anania coronata in the trap last night - I do think such a spectacular moth deserves a "proper" name.

On the other hand these three, the first of which could be a Heart and Dart - at least that's my best guess. As to the other two ???


  1. Hello Tom, the first would be a choice between Turnip and Heart & Club, probably the latter although I wouldn't like to say for sure as it seems to have lost some important scales! The second is Mottled Rustic while the third looks to me like Brown Rustic.

  2. Isn't the third another Mottled Rustic?

    1. That's what I thought at first, then I changed my mind (the lighting is a bit odd whichever it is). I'm quite willing to change it back again - oh, the joys of trying to ID things from photos!!

  3. Looks like Heart and club and two Mottled rustics to me, Tom.


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