Thursday, 11 June 2015

Next lot of queries

Here are a few more queries or simply unknowns from the last few weeks in Wolvercote; hoping tonight might be a little more productive than recent nights. What I think we have here is a White-spotted Pug from 6th June; then an Argyrestia species from 4th June, and a micro I've entirely failed to get a handle on; and what I think is a Monpis weaverella from 23rd May. Any thoughts on whether I've got those right -- and on what the ones I can't work out could be?

Steve nad Xander Goddard

Presumed White-spotted Pug, 6/6/15

Unknown Argyresthia sp., 4/6/15

Unknown micro, 4/6/15

Presumed Monopis weaverella, 23/5/15

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  1. I think you have a Common Pug, Argyresthia spinosella, probable Celypha lacunana and yes to weaverella.


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