Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pugger's Muddle

Please can anyone help me with these two Pugs caught over the weekend. I have the bottom image down as Plain and the top image down as Common based on markings, but the one in the bottom image was much smaller than the other and according to the Pug plate in Skinner it should be the other way around for those two species

Not sure if the posture of the lower one is relevant as it it did shift to a slightly more horizontal position shortly after I took the photo. Any help gratefully received!

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  1. Purely a suggestion, Alastair, and without any real confidence, I'd suggest Grey for the top one and Common for the lower. I know you've given a hint of their relative sizes but it always helps to include something like a ruler in the picture. That said, with so many pug species on the wing now it would have to be a really clearly marked specimen to be certain of an ID, especially from a photo. Plain Pug, when fresh, is usually quite obvious and, as you say, it is a big pug.


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