Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Small Waved Umber, Turnip and Clay

My garden trap last night attracted 135 moths, of which only 17 were micros. Heart and Dart was still top moth, with 39 individuals, followed by 17 Uncertain.
I had one new moth for my garden list - a Small Waved Umber. It was a rather worn specimen and also fairly uncooperative in front of the camera, so this was the best shot I could come up with.

Amongst the Heart and Darts, there was also the moth below which was much longer - the fw measured 20mm. Am I correct in thinking this is a Turnip Moth?

Finally, I think the moth below is a Clay - the fw measured 18mm.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. It looks like a well sized Heart and Dart Steve and yes to your Clay, they are just emerging now. The line of dots after the post median line is a good character to separate from White-point

  2. Thanks Peter. I did wonder if I was looking at an extra large Heart and Dart rather than a Turnip Moth.


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