Friday, 19 June 2015


I was very pleased to see Dave's Marbled Coronet this morning though aghast at his account of rainswept trapping. We seem to have missed out on that in the Cherwell valley. The MC saved me having to check my own one, the first this year here and shown on the familiar backdrop of my pyjamas. I think the moth below is also a garden first, a Heart and Club?

While posting, and asking to be excused for topping the two-pic rule, may I ask about these micros below. The first eludes me but are the other two Scoparia Pyralella, Eudonia mercurella or Eudonia lacustrata?  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon



  1. Hello Martin, Marbled Coronet is a really good record for Thrupp - it certainly hasn't found my garden yet and I've only ever seen it on chalk downland. The other macro is indeed Heart and Club while the first of the micros is good old Celypha lacunana. I'd be hesitant to ID the Scoparids although I should say that I don't think either one is as you've labelled it. They can be done when clearly marked and when you've "got your eye in" but the bottom one in particular looks rather too worn. Pyralella stands out from the crowd when fresh because its cross lines are a bright white compared to the more greyish-white colour of the others.

    1. ...and for everyone's benefit I should perhaps add that we don't place a limit on the number of pictures but suggest three per post as a guide, mainly to keep the blog interesting. Any more than that, especially if they're all ID requests, tends to make some people switch off so you may be less likely to get an answer!

  2. Thanks very much, Dave - that's very useful about the micros and I'm glad the Marbled Coronet is a good record for Thrupp. It came on 1/2 June last year and I rambled on about it at some length here - all v best as ever M


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