Friday, 19 June 2015


I am only guessing and feel that the two white dots are diagnostic. Help please!. 55moths of 23 species without this one so I'm having just enough to continue my education.

Hang on though, after further investigation is it a dark L.Y.Underwing?!


  1. Hi Steve,

    Looks a bit better than either to me - looks like a Pearly Underwing. Have a look at the second picture on UK Moths. Have you any other photos, from side etc? BW, Marc

  2. Thanks Marc,
    Being a relative newcomer to this game I tend to go for the most obvious and on looking at various images on-line I think your'e nearer the truth than I am. After the morning look I tend to leave a small gap in the trap so that any who wish to go can-and this one has taken up that option!.

  3. It is a bit the worse for wear but the whitish 'mohican' down the length of the thorax is still visible. Coupled with the wing shape and the (few) markings still visible, I'd be happy with that as Pearly Underwing. A nice migrant to get!

  4. Thanks both, I shall be looking a lot closer at those ' L.Y.Underwings' in future!.


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