Friday, 19 June 2015


Apologies - I will try to reduce the ID requests in future but I would have given up long ago without the expert help I have been getting here. Just two for, I hope confirmation, especially the micro as I normally toss them over my shoulder after a brief look.


Barred Fruit tree Tortrix?


  1. Hi Tom, Pandemis cerasana is correct for the micro, but your macro is a very dark form of Heart and Club (quite a variable moth). Gothic is a much chunkier species and doesn't have feathered antennae.

  2. Many thanks - I would never have put that down as a Heart & Club.

  3. Tom, that's partly what the forum is about. There's a host of experts who subscribe, it's just that Mister Wilton usually is first off the mark to answer. So keep firing away with your queries. Heart and Dart and Heart and Club both have a dark thoracic crest, next time you aren't sure, see if it has that first and you'll be halfway there.


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