Friday, 19 October 2018

Second generations

Dave has noted earlier that some moths are having a second (late) generation, when the guides say that they only have one - presumably because of the relatively unusual weather conditions earlier in the year.  A couple of nights ago I trapped a Beautiful Hook-tip (within the usual size range) and a very lively Heart & Club (the 'club' not very evident), both of which I have only seen previously in June and July.

John Thacker


  1. Hi John
    The bottom one is a Turnip Moth

  2. Thanks Martin: I was confident that this was a Heart & Club on the criteria that I usually use from the Field Guide (shape stockier than Turnip moth and underwing off-white rather than brilliant white - to use a paint analogy) - so what criteria do you use (apart from the time of appearance, of course, which begs my initial question of second generations)?


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