Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Elachista consortella

 I started running a moth trap again in the garden (Nuney Green, Goring Heath) in August after a break of 15 years and pleasingly have just hit the 600 species mark (580 before August).  The 600th was a rubbed male Elachista consortella which had to be dissected to ID.  It's listed as Nationally Scarce B but suspect just under-recorded as it's not the most exciting insect; interested to know if others find it commonly. 


  1. Hi Charles,

    I've had ten records here in VC24 from a variety of places (all since 2010 and all dissected) so it is obviously quite widespread, but as you say it isn't exactly the most exciting moth to look at and as a matter of course I think would need dissection to confirm. That's probably why there are only about 20 accepted records for Bucks!


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