Thursday, 17 September 2020

Blogger changes

Many of you seem to have been coping well with the recent changes to Blogger, which is more than can be said for me!  The previous post was actually my first successful one using the "New Blogger", prompted by the fact that the option to "Revert to Old Blogger" (which I've always used up to now) seems to have been removed as of today.  I simply couldn't get things to work under the new system but the reason why has just become clear to me - it seems that I'm one of the few people in the world still using Internet Explorer.  If anyone else out there is still wedded to IE, be advised that if you update your browser to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or whatever, then Blogger should work properly again for you.

Dave Wilton 


  1. I use IE & Chrome and gradually changing to the latter.
    Currently for the Blog I'm using IE, which explains why I couldn't get Blogger to work properly.
    I'll have to transfer it to Chrome.

  2. About three months ago, I switched to the Chromium version of Edge (which has now replaced the old version of Edge), and it works well with Blogger. I prefer using Edge to Chrome because I think its privacy controls are slightly better.

    In case anyone else uses Edge with the Tracking Prevention option set to "Strict", then here's a tip to be able to post in Blogger: go into Settings/Privacy, Search and Services, and then in the Tracking Prevention area, click on "Exceptions" and add the following as exceptions:
    If you do this, then Blogger will allow you to log in to post entries & comments.


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