Sunday, 27 September 2020


 As a newbie, I may be pushing my luck here by asking for more IDs, but over the last few weeks I've trapped and photographed a few moths that I can't identify. Can anyone please help? The first image is from 22nd Sept, the second is from 18th August, and the last three are from 13th August. All from 3 miles NW of Chesham near the Bucks/Herts border.

Thanks in advance, David


  1. Hi David

    The first is a Square-spot Rustic, the second is a Footman (rather worn, not 100% sure which species), the third looks to me like a very tired Straw Underwing (always worth checking the hind-wings on moths you don't recognise!), while the last two are both Oak Processionary.

  2. Many thanks, Dave - I think Oak Processionary is a new record for Cholesbury and Hawridge, so we're delighted to hear that, although, maybe the species is not particularly welcome in the UK?
    Thanks again for your help. David

  3. The Forestry people are still trying to contain Oak Processionary but it seems to be a bit of a lost cause now. The males are very good at dispersal and they've been found over most of Bucks and Herts now. I've not yet seen the more sedentary female and I believe both they and the larvae are still "reportable". Still, our friends across the Channel have been living with the species (and Pine Processionary) for years so I'm sure we'll be able to cope with it, much as we do already with Gypsy Moth.


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