Monday, 3 May 2021

A Poor Week


Much like everywhere else, it's been a very bad week for moths here in Witney. I had one night (Tuesday), which looked reasonably good and so set up two traps in woodland close by. It started raining after 20 minutes and the result was 2 Brindled Pugs, a Nut Tree Tussock and a Lunar Marbled Brown. In the garden, it's been just two or three moths on the few nights I've bothered running a trap; Hebrew Character and Muslin Moth. Last night was slightly better with Spectacle, Early Grey, Lesser Swallow Prominant and the above worn individual which I'm struggling with rather. A bit suggestive of Blossom Underwing but just another Common Quaker....?


  1. Hi Nic,

    I think you could well be correct there with Blossom Underwing, although it seems to have lost many of its scales. A check of the hind-wings might help...

    1. Thanks Dave. At the moment it's sitting happily without revealing the underwing, so I'll wait until it gets restless. But I've posted an additional photograph showing size and shape.

  2. Hi Nic this is a worn Common Quaker.


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