Friday, 28 May 2021

Struggling with these two...

I suspect this may be a male Elachista canapennella, but FL seems wrong at 6-7 mm

 My initial thought on tis was Prays ruficeps, because of the orange head but I'm pretty sure it isn't. FL ~5 mm.

Any suggestions welcome!!


Phil T


  1. Hi Phil,
    The first is a Scrobipalpa and probably the rather anonymous-looking acuminatella but it could do with dissection if that's a first for your site. The second is a Monopis and the usual way of separating them is the presence or otherwise of an obvious white tornal spot (although that can sometimes be a bit subjective!). On balance I'd say your moth is likely to be laevigella.

  2. Thanks Dave,
    Both new for me, so I'll save the Scrobipalpa for dissection as you suggest. Now I know what to look for, a closer look suggests, as you say, that the second is M laevigella rather than weaverella.


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