Sunday, 2 May 2021

Sphingidae pupa ID?

 I wonder can you ID the species from the pupa? 

This one was found in the top layer of turf or just below the surface.

Isobel Huggins, Goring on Thames


  1. Hi Isobel,

    It would help to know what was growing close by (for example, any trees, or was it not too far from fuchsia or willow-herb?). I think the chances are that it is Elephant Hawk-moth but the easiest and perhaps most exciting way to find out is to wait for it to emerge in a few weeks. If you are desperate to know exactly what it is now, the best resource I can think of is the late Reg Fry's UK-Leps website:

  2. Thanks Dave for the pointers. The pupa was in a 'lawn', more wildflowers than grass ( mosses, yellow rattle, ladies bedstraw, yarrow, plantains on clay/fint) but also just under the canopy edge of Scots Pine trees; some fuchsias lurk under the trees. I will check out the website.

  3. Hi again Isobel,

    I've heard from Ched George, who knows about these things, and he says that the pupa is definitely that of Elephant Hawk-moth. From your description of the area in which it was found, that would suggest fuchsia being used as the larval food-plant.


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