Sunday, 30 May 2021

Help with IDs please

Suggestions for the first one have been Grass Rivulet and Sandy Carpet? 

I feel I should know the second micro moth!

As for the two on a stone- Cabbage and Large Nutmeg? Possibly?!

Many thanks!


  1. Hi Jo,
    The top one is definitely Grass Rivulet. Sandy Carpet has a different arrangement to the banding on its wings. The micro is a rather worn Syndemis musculana while the two noctuids look to me like Nutmeg (left) and Large Nutmeg (right).

  2. Thank you Dave, most helpful. The highlight for me was an Argyresthia Trifasciata. I nearly overlooked it, my macro lens revealed the most incredible gold moth, what a beauty!


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