Sunday, 30 May 2021

IDs please & some varients

 A mico for ID please.

Then it may be because I'm only starting to see them, but a few slightly less usual specimens of very common moths. I don't think I've had many Shuttle Shaped Darts that look like this one.

I think this is the smartest and possibly largest Treble Lines I've seen for a while.

Finally following on from Martin Townsend's post on Muslin Moths here's my offering.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford.


  1. Hi Mark,
    Your tortrix is one of the easiest to identify at this time of year thanks to its "yellow nose": Notocelia cynosbatella.

  2. Hi Mark, Couldn't your 'odd' Shuttle-shaped Dart alternatively be an aberrant Turnip moth? While the oval mark is usually round on the Turnip the rest of the wing features look Turnip-like and the antennae pectinations look longer than for (male) Shuttle-shaped Dart.


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