Saturday, 13 June 2015

Alder Moth takes the prize

Accumulated over 11 years of recording at this site, the garden here at Westcott, Bucks achieved its 400th macro-moth species last night thanks to the arrival of an Alder Moth.  Other first-timers for 2015 included Ghost Moth, Treble Brown Spot, Riband Wave, Green Pug, Pale Oak Beauty, Common White Wave, Flame, Ingrailed Clay & Small Clouded Brindle along with micros Lyonetia clerkella, Blastobasis lacticolella, Cochylis hybridella, Scoparia pyralella & Chrysoteuchia culmella from a collection of 80 species.  The Ghost Moth was only the third I've ever had in the garden and this was the first male.

Alder Moth, Westcott 12th June

Ghost Moth, Westcott 12th June

Overall numbers of individual moths were still unremarkable, though, and I certainly couldn't match Ched's Middle-barred Minor total with any species.  Heart and Dart provided the highest numbers here with 32.  Migrants comprised Nomophila noctuella (2) and Small Mottled Willow (2) which I was quite pleased with until I heard what Steve Nash had caught in the far west of our region (no doubt Steve will pass on the details when he wakes up!!).

Dave Wilton


  1. Wish i'd bothered trapping here in Aylesbury last night after hearing of your Small mottled willow and others in the region now, Dave! Maybe tonight if this darn rain eases off ---

  2. Hi Dave, that Alder is a smart moth, wouldn't mind adding it to my list!



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