Monday, 30 May 2016

A garden first

Maybe not the rarest of moths, but i was pleased to get my first ever Poplar Kitten here in my Aylesbury garden trap yesterday. A few others caught were:- Lychnis (1), The Shears (1), Flame Shoulder (1), Grey Dagger (1), Small Square-spot (1), Pale Tussock (2 - one was a melanistic specimen), Scalloped Hazel (2), and Mottled Pug (1). Numbers are still low here - maybe suburban gardens don't fair so well these days!  Dave Maunder
Poplar Kitten, 29-5-2016

Lychnis, 29-5-2016

The Shears, 29-5-2016

Scalloped Hazel, 29-5-2016

Melanistic Pale Tussock, 30-5-2016

Melanistic Pale Tussock, 30-5-2016


  1. Did you check the bits to make it a Grey Dagger Dave?

  2. I most certainly did; got my hand lens to it and found the two protrusions as shown in Skinner.


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