Thursday, 26 May 2016

Another Central Oxford Toadflax Brocade

I only caught two moths last night: one was a very worn Rustic Shoulder Knot, the other was my second Toadflax Brocade of the year. Given how poor my catches have been it's one of the most numerous species that I've had so far this year!

Another Toadflax Brocade
I also went to pay homage to the new colony of Clepsis Dumicolana this afternoon in Longwick, Bucks and found at least seven or eight of them flying around their ivy patch. Thanks to Andrew Kershaw for all his help in allowing me to visit and see this rather attractive new micro for myself.

One of only the second UK colony of Clepsis Dumicolana


  1. I wonder if now it is the only colony. I went looking for it today where it had originally been seen (in Chelsea). Perhaps 80% of the ivy has been destroyed, to cut a long story short. I saw no moths.

  2. Perhaps if Mr. Kershaw can get some eggs or larvae or something then we can transfer some of this colony to some new locations in the recording area. I've got loads of Ivy in my garden.


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