Sunday, 15 May 2016

Further Day-flyers

A butterfly transect was completed over lunchtime today in local ancient woodland and a good number of moths were recorded too, including Micropterix calthella (20+ on lady's smock and buttercup flowers), Adela reaumurella (several hundred in swarms on oak and blackthorn), Adela rufimitrella (five on lady's smock), Glyphipterix simpliciella (one on lady's smock), Hysterophora maculosana (one netted in flight) and a Silver Y.  Hysterophora maculosana was a surprisingly good sighting.  You'd think it would be really common in Bucks considering how many bluebell woods there are but the database has fewer than ten previous entries, suggesting that it may be very under-recorded.

Micropterix calthella on buttercup, 15th May

Adela rufimitrella on lady's smock, 15th May

Hysterophora maculosana, 15th May

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks    

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