Sunday, 29 May 2016

Garden Trap and Fields

Friday night's GMS produced a better catch and a few NFYs for me - 19 species, including Small Magpie, Codling (no! my poor apple trees!), Broken-barred Carpet, Light Brocade - new for the Garden list, Shears, Buff Tip and Silver-ground Carpet.

Also, this LBJ - can anyone tell me what it is?

Plus, a walk across grassy fields to a beer festival yesterday added Burnet Companion, Nemophora degeerella, Alabonia geoffrella and Dichrorampha petiverella - which is a lifer for me!

Dave Morris - Seer Green


  1. It's Capua vulgana I think Dave.

  2. What's a Codling, some kind of baby flying fish? I agree with Capua vulgana.

  3. Cydia pomonella then... :)

    And thanks for the id!


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