Saturday, 28 May 2016

May Moths - Hook Norton

I am new to this group having moved down from Skye to Oxfordshire last August.   I regularly trapped moths there and ended up with a species count of around 170, rather derisory I suspect compared to Oxfordshire.   I am now trapping in my garden in Hook Norton, once or twice per month, using a home made Skinner trap.

Swallow Prominent

Treble Lines
   On the 27th I had a count of 16 moths (excluding one escapee), 9 species - Buff ermine, Pale tussock, Spectacle, Small phoenix, Muslin moth, Treble lines, Shuttle-shaped dart, Swallow prominent and what I think is a Tawny shears.   Confirmation would be great!

Probably Tawny Shears

Terry Swainbank


  1. Tawny Shears looks good, Terry, but your top one is Lesser Swallow Prominent.

  2. Hi Terry, I agree with Tawny Shears too, a nice catch because this is not at all a common moth nowadays. I don't know about its status in Oxfordshire but I imagine that it will be similar to here in Bucks where we have had fewer than a dozen sightings since the Millennium.


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