Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Micro help needed

My last couple of night's trapping yielded a disappointing 3 and then 4 moths (on 13th and 15th) with nothing new for the year. However,  I have now recorded 199 Hebrew Characters in the garden this year! This morning this micro was flying around in the house. It is about 16mm in length. Any help would be welcome.

 Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon.


  1. Hello Andy, it is difficult to believe from the colours that they are the same moth (well lit pictures would be a great help!), but I think there's no doubt that you have Aphomia sociella, the Bee Moth, which seems to be having a good year. I've had several indoors as well.

  2. I get alot here, but then next to the kitchen our stone south facing wall is humming with solitary bees.

  3. Thank you. Sorry about the lighting. It was rather an active moth and nearly escaped twice while I was trying to get a reasonable photo. The upper photo is of the moth against the window glass with the light shining through the wings. We also have stone walls full of solitary bees in the vicinity so it is certainly something to keep a look out for.


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